The Challenge

The client approached me with the task of redesigning the INOMO website. The brand has shifted its focus to more of a B2B play targeting designers, architects, Hoteliers, and Brick and Morter Business owners. The challenge was to create a user experience that highlights INOMOs ultra-modern custom design project work and showcase the limitless possibilities of INOMO’s fiberglass material.
Services Provided:
Visual Design
UX/UI Design












Our Approach

Understanding our client’s business and its competitors is the first step in the path to a project’s success. Initial market research helped us drive the conversation to assess the marketplace and more clearly understand INOMO’s position in it. Through a series of interviews and collaborative immersion workshops, we identified the client’s five Target Customers. We developed persona profiles for each group and defined what matters to them to help drive the site structure and user experience flow for each.












Content Strategy & UX/UI
Design System Planning

Ongoing workshops with the client helped better define target customer personas, and mind maps guided the wireframing process. We mapped out the user journeys to develop the brand story in a manner that speaks to each target group. Wireframing was instrumental in working out the site structure and content-flow to take users seamlessly through the entire search and discovery process. The redesigned site’s grid system and 24 reusable content display components allow for flexible page building, expansion, and ongoing reconfiguration & optimization utilizing the Gutenberg blocks system and google analytics.























The site is built with Gutenberg for WordPress and consists of 24 page-builder content display and lead capture components that allow for ease of future expansion and optimization.













The Contract Case study and Product page templates Image Gallery component allows for total flexibility utilizing the site 12 column repsonsive grid and variable height options available in the CMS.












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