The Challenge

Jason Inasi, CEO of The Factory Interactive, approached me to help develop MVP materials for IONIC Water’s innovative technology, including investor decks, branding, CX/UX/UI/MVP Design and partner acquisition components for the new startup. The challenge was to present the desalination & water purification solutions in a manner as impressive as the technology itself, differentiate the brand from the competition, and facilitate investment and innovation partner engagement.
Services Provided:
Investor Deck Dev.
Visual Design
MVP Website Development


The Branding

The simple and refined brand icon graphically represents the core of what Ionic Water Technology does in its simplest form. The sharp angles on the three horizontally extruding shards/blades graphically represent the toxic chemicals and sodium chloride IONIC Water technologies remove from a single drop of water.

The logotype utilizes a modern secondary typeface for the word “Water” – “Poppins-300 light,”. The more delicate characters draw more attention visually to the more weighty “IONIC” brand name and introduce the brand’s primary key colour, blue. In addition, by incorporating the supporting brand font family “Poppins” into the logotype, the overall branding ties together on another level with this additional graphic connection.

We designed the stacked logo lockup for smaller use cases where the logotype must be legible and balanced with the icon and Technologies text. To be used wherever the logo needs to maximize the impression of the brand name in select use case scenarios.





The Design System

A Design System is an optimized approach to increase organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency across different channels, departments and organizations. Providing an easily accessible online set of standards, components, and processes enables a brand to manage design at scale, reducing redundancy and cost. The goal of Phase 01 was to lay the foundation for a comprehensive design system to be developed and improved upon in Phase 02. Excerpts from Phase 01 development are shown below.

The Problem

Water demand is expected to accelerate due to population growth, economic development, and global warming. Providing clean water and food is rapidly becoming a major global challenge. The goal was to convey the impending water crisis problem & present IONIC’s innovative solution in a concise, memorable fashion.

The Solution

Our design development process takes an iterative approach that works towards laying the foundation for a comprehensive design system to build upon. Our goal is to optimize processes with a robust repository of materials to facilitate the rapid deployment of Sales and marketing materials moving forward. The MVP website and pitch deck materials implement this first round of brand asset deployment.











Excerpts from the initial investor deck development are shown below.




The Results

We delivered the initial design system branding suite, Investor deck materials and the MVP website (developed in webflow to minimize cost and maximize output.) A post-MVP launch results-oriented case study and update are coming soon.. Check out the MVP website here >







( The full results case study coming soon. )

View the MVP1.0 website here >




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