The Challenge

Kannalif and the Factory Interactive approached me to help design the packaging and “Look-n-Feel” for their new brand to help them stand out amongst the sea of competition in the marketplace. Jason Inasi (ECD of the Factory Interactive) came to me with a logotype and an idea to break the product line into five groups; WAKE, REVIVE, BOOST, RALAX, & SLEEP. They challenged me to create a visual system to communicate this in a bold, elegant, and vibrant manner.
Services Provided:
Creative Direction
Packaging Design
Brand Design System











The Development

A detailed and well-documented development process is crucial to any project’s success. Showing some of this development on my site helps new clients see how together we get from an idea to a final product. I use InVision’s Development boards to provide an easy to use platform for review and client feedback. This process also provides a log of the iterative process in which we collaborate to refine, explore, and cull down what works best to take into the next round of development. The InVision boards below show the broad design exploratory to develop the look and feel for the brand. Before this development, we created a series of mood boards to capture the client’s overall aesthetic sensibility to help guide the design development.





The Icons

Kannalif’s initial product line provides a wide variety of benefits for its customers. From a Daily overall health-boosting tincture to formulations that help induce a relaxing state, to sleep-inducing night time products, Kannalif wanted to bucket the different products into Five, what they called, “Time of Day” product lines. The goal was to design a visual system that would differentiate the different formulations and help the consumer get an initial idea from the face of the packaging of which product might be a good fit for them.









The Brand Colours

Along with the graphic “Time of Day” icons, Kannalif needed to develop a visual style for the brand and a color palette to define the different product lines. The circular gradient blends create a bold, vibrant, and colorful shelf presence for the brand and visually represent the Pure Organic Broad Spectrum (CBD) found in many of its products.  








The Packaging

The project was essentially a series of design sprints. The client was fast-tracking the development to get an MVP eCommerce site up and running as fast as possible. They provided me with a set of boxes and labels to begin applying the agreed-upon visual style. The Rounds of development below show the process of designing the labels and working with the client to determine legal requirements and nomenclature. Once the initial designs were approved we went through a few rounds of development to fine-tune the copy and layouts on the mechanicals.







At the time of completing this post, Kannalif has just launched the MVP version of its eCommerce platform and is currently in the process of setting up their booth at the new company’s first Trade Show.

Visit the Kannalif website here >








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