The Challenge

Lux is a New York-based digital imaging boutique specializing in compositing, color grading, beautification, and prepress work for some of the world’s top photographers, celebrity clients, agencies, and brands. When joining Lux as a partner, designer, and digital artist, I was challenged to rebrand the firm and develop marketing materials to help grow and expand the business.
Services Provided:
Creative Director
Digital Artist


As a Lux Imaging Partner, Creative Director, and Lead Digital Artist, I had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing people, creating iconic and masterfully crafted imagery for some of the world’s most celebrated artists.












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Lux has become a go-to resource for superstar clientele and consistently delivers extraordinary imagery in collaboration with many of the world’s top photographers, publishers, agencies, and brands.

An Iconic Wordmark & Symbol


The Concept: Lux is the Latin word for light, and light is the fundamental source of any image. When white light passes through a triangular prism, it comes out the other side more colorful and vibrant than it appeared when entering the filter. Applying the Lux artistic filter, the digital manipulation of light in photography creates imagery more vibrant and colorful than the original input. That said, a typographic interpretation of a prism became the icon to symbolize a mark of excellence for the New York-based firm..


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