The Challenge

Housing eight world-class automotive franchises under one roof, The Collection is one of the most prestigious luxury vehicle dealerships in the country. The Factory Interactive approached me intending to help them engineer and redesign a new and engaging online web presence for The Collection Brand. Meeting the demanding expectations of The Collection’s customers meant combining a personalized brand experience with unparalleled convenience for each unique visitor. They challenged us to incorporate more convenient communication methods between clients and employees, the efficient Collection and delivery of inbound sales leads, and ensure that complex in-house systems and third-party publishing tools could be incorporated. The Collection’s remarkable showroom experience and exquisite inventory needed to be placed at the forefront of the new site.
Services Provided:
Creative Direction
Website UX/UI Design












Powerful, third-party inventory tools were seamlessly integrated along with myriad communication methodologies, including live chat, text messaging, telephone, email, and customer forms support. Online scheduling tools, test drive booking, financial calculators, and a deep job placement section were also constructed. The result of combining these features means communicating with The Collection has never been easier.











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