The Challenge

Advanced Millwork reached out to me with the challenge of branding their new division named Top Tier. Their new offering utilized a unique material composite that was resilient to termites, water, fire, and mold with structural integrity four times stronger than anything on the market. The goal was to brand the material and the new cabinetry division and introduce it to the marketplace as a superior product to existing particleboard and plywood alternatives.

Services Provided:
Creative Direction
Collateral Design







The Brand tagline “Outer Beauty. Inner Strength.” captures the essence of the product with clarity and intrigue. The brand identity and “Max Shield” logomark work together to reinforce the brand’s main value propositions.




Silver metallics, foil printing and dark Pantone greys were used for all materials to create a high-end and luxurious image for the Brand.





The printed Branding Package won a “Premier Print Award” from the Printing Industries of America and armed the sales team with impressive materials to help sell TopTier cabinets.



TopTiers’ super material, we named “Max Shield,” is impervious to termites and mold, fire and water-resistant.








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